You’re in business and you design, manufacture or sell something. It may be food, office buildings, apartments or multi-colored widgets. No matter what you do, you’re probably really good at it. For the maintenance or the construction of your facilities; you are going to want to partner with someone that’s really good at that. 

PlusONE Construction Consulting has the knowledge and experience to add real value to your team and projects. We can provide you with Feasibility Studies, Property Inspections, Project Management, Maintenance Planning and much more. PlusONE has the expertise to focus on your facility’s needs and let you focus on what you do best… running your business!

s1-green.pngLong Range Facility Planning
s1-green.pngSite Evaluations
s1-green.pngFacility Inspections
s1-green.pngProject Scheduling
s1-green.pngDesign Development
s1-green.pngConstruction Management
s1-green.pngFixture / Furniture / Equipment 
s1-green.pngMaintenance / Evaluation /Planning




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